*We are able to supply the following shapes in different stones and sizes.*

Pendant - DK Series

Pendant - GJ Series

Octagon Donut
Square Donut
Rectangle Donut
Triangle Dount
Cross Dount
Single Puff Pear
Single Puff Rectangle
Single Puff Oval
Single Puff Triangle
Single Puff Coin
Single Puff S Shape
Double Flat Rhombus
Double Flat Drop
Double Flat Oval
Double Flat Coin
Double Puff Pear
Double Puff Cushion
Double Puff Star
Double Puff Drop
Double Flat Coin
Fac. Rectangle
Irr. Fac. Flat Oval
Fac. Flat Drop
Fac. Flat Oval
Fac. Twisted Drop
Fac. Trapezoid
Fac. Rhombus
Fac. A Go Go
Fac. Fancy Cross
Fac. Twisted Oval
Wave Drop
Wave Rectangle
Wave Square
Wave S Shape
Wave Oval
Wave Triangle
Wave Heart
Wave Cross
Wave Coin
Wave Donut
Irr. Flower?
Double Flat Cross
D. Flat Fancy Cross
Irr. Star
D. Flat Shape Cross
D. Flat 4 Petals Flower
Plastic flower/abalone
Plastic flower/shell
Wave Coin + Clasp
Wave Cross + Clasp
Wave Drop + Clasp
Wave S shape + Clasp
Sea Star + Clasp
Single Puff Pear + Clasp
Single Puff Coin + Clasp
Fish Tail + Clasp
Amethyst Flower 1
Amethyst Butterfly
Amethyst Flower 2
Amethyst Heart
Amethyst Grape
Amethyst Cross
Amethyst Flower 3
Ame. + Hype. Cross
Ame. Drop + Clasp 1
Ame. Drop + Clasp 2
Ame. Drop + Clasp 3
Ame. Drop + Clasp 4
Ame. Drop Earrings 3
Ame. Drop Earrings 1
Ame. Drop Earrings 2
Amethyst Dragonfly